Luscious Tee Teaser

Wet Tee Teaser

Hitomi’s English is minimal but it’s getting more amazing all the time. Although Hitomi doesn’t must know tons of English. Her body speaks louder than words. When we photographed her in Mexico she picked up some basics from the other models. Natalie Fiore was very instructional. Words such as meatballs and whoppers.

Hitomi did not leave the swanky house in that hawt raiment that babe wears in this photo set and matching clip. No one wanted to cause a riot in the streets and, trust us, that would have happened. Even back home in Japan, Hitomi doesn’t costume this hawt when this babe goes outside. This babe would need bodyguards.

Hitomi famous her birthday (July 18th) and her allies threw a bigger than standard party for her back home in Tokyo. We do not know what her birthday urge was when that babe blew out the candles but that babe will be in the trickling for SCORE Adult star of the year after winning one as well as the other the SCORE and Voluptuous 2012 Beginner of the Year contests.

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