“Hose me down!”

Claudia is a worthwhile cutie with a indecent secret: She moonlights as a high-class escort for men who like feet. That babe loves to suit up and be worshiped by strangers who need a little bit of foot love. She doesn’t do it for the cash. She does it cuz this babe loves it. “I used to be timid and naive, but that all changed when I realized that dudes would literally fall at my feet. There is smth powerful about towering over someone and commanding them to pleasure u. Ever since my 1st foot job, I’ve been hooked. And I’ve identified how sensitive my soles are, likewise. Now I can cum just as hard from a charmer licking with tongue my soles not fast as I can from him teasing my clitoris with his tongue. Everything about my illicit encounters with fellows who love feet have been very gratifying to me. More men should find the ways of foot adore.”

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