The Cream-pied Lady Executive

The Cream-pied Mistresse Executive

“I actually enjoyed helping Johnny detect his niche and giving him a little direction,” says Jasmine Jones, a married woman from Texas who has discovered a following at XLGirls ‘cuz of her Texas-sized libido, humongous, beautifully shaped jugs and zest for ding-dong. She’s a freak for man-juice likewise.

“I have a cum fetish,” Jasmine said us the first time that babe was here. “I love it all over my face, dripping from my mouth and just all over me. I’ve swallowed a not many times but indeed enjoy seeing it all over me. I guess u could say it’s a fetish of mine.”

Jasmine is paired with Johnny Champ who has an equally high zest for breast and will be donating plenty of cum to her after they have sucked and drilled on a sofa and a desk in her office. Not on her face or on her larger than typical love bubbles this time. This time, the cum is sprayed into her well-fucked pussy-hole for a cream-filling that she’ll squeeze out during the time that Johnny watches in salacious delight.

You see, Johnny is seeing Mrs. Jones for guidance in his career path. Mrs. Jones wants to aid him and this babe has the right equipment for the task. She’ll be getting a clutch on Johnny’s development. Mrs. Jones has smth this babe desires to acquire off her chest with Johnny and that is her blouse and bra. That babe claims that her love melons are 40DD but they look much, much bigger in size than DDs. He goes mad when he gets his face hole on them.

It doesn’t take lengthy for Johnny to make the first move and initiate mouthing on Mrs. Jones’s yummy nipples. This is the kind of guidance they one as well as the other crave. That babe has the tit size to envelope his thick meat and the lips and tongue to fun it. When it comes to dick worship, Mrs. Jones sits in the lead pew.

“Work hard, dream big” is the sign on Mrs. Jones’ office wall. But what this babe indeed means is “Fuck hard, sex cream large.” And with a mistress like this beneath u, do all you can do to make it a reality. Johnny does. Coz when you meet an executive with milk sacks this larger than run of the mill and an arse this strong, you’ve got to make the almost any of it!

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