Bouncing Jessica

Bouncing Jessica

My one major regret about Jessica Turner? Anyway her quitting in nature’s garb modeling also in a short time? We didn’t shoot enough episodes of the cheery, blonde Brit, especially solo vids. We should have discharged way more episode. But hindsight (which to me is looking at a girl’s gazoo) is 20/20.

The photo set is from Boob Cruise 2000. It was May TWO and the place is Virgin Gorda, an island in the British Virgin Islands. Supposedly Columbus named the island Virgin Gorda (“The Bulky Virgin”) ‘cuz the island’s profile on the horizon has the appearance of a rubenesque woman lying on her side. If u can make almost certainly of that. I was there watching the photographer discharge this. Correction: I was watching Jessica as the photographer discharged this.

“Linsey Dawn McKenzie 1st approached me when I was partying in a trendy London night spot called Browns, and said that John Graham from SCORE mag would love me and my bigger in size than average mammaries!” Jessica said me when that babe first began glamour modeling. “Linsey gave me his telephone number and here I’m! I admire Linsey and think she has got lots of guts and real confidence. I’d love her fame but all this is quite fresh to me, and I’ve gotta take one step at a time.” Linsey was always a great SCORE model agent.

This “bounce house” scene was discharged in early October, 1999 in London as part of a video called Bouncing Love melons. It was released only in England and is a super-rare tape now. (The whole movie has been archived at SCORELAND.) Jessica joined Linsey Dawn McKenzie and “Russian” Kathy inside an inflated rubber funhouse where they bounce and fly through the air adore superheroines with out winding up in the hospital. As a fan of love bubbles in motion, I adore this kind of ram. Bouncing Tits predated, in some ways, what we would do several years later with the Mega-Boob Olympics.

With Kerry Marie, Linsey and Lorna Morgan, Jessica formed the nucleus of a revival in British big-bust modeling. But it didn’t last long for Jessica, unlike her friends’ careers. After the episodes On Location Portugal, Big busted Euro Hotties and Boobies Ahoy! Boob Cruise 2000, Jessica visited SCORE in Miami (there’s a peculiar at SCORELAND with mostly still pictures and a clip interview) and then that was it. The end.

What happened? I’ll tell u. She and an American SCORE cameraman fell for every on the Cruise. I saw this happening during the journey but who am I to interfere with infatuation and blossoming love? I don’t blame him. She was simple to fall for. I could have asked the captain to maroon him on one of the islands but that would have been not correct. So after Jessica’s Miami visit, this chab quit, this babe quit and they went off to acquire married and live happily ever after. And I’m cheerful for them. It was a pleased ending, if not the kind of happy ending that I prefer.

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