“I’m Fifty, and I still adore getting rogered in my mature wazoo!”

When Karen Kougar made her 40SomethingMag.com debut in 2008, we wrote, she said, “I’ve wanted to pose for some time now. It’s one thing I haven’t done, and I’m always looking to try new things. I can not expect to meet my recent fans after they see me!” Fans? Turned out that babe had thousands of ’em. Tens of thousands. This then-46-year-old wife from upstate Recent York (born in South Florida) was on her way to becoming one of the most-popular aged porno stars in the world. Now, not quite five years after we introduced her to the world, we’re excited to have her back. See her in XXX scenes at 50PlusMILFs.com.

40SOMETHING: U were Fourty six years aged when u strided into our studio for the first time, and you’d not at all had sex on-camera in advance of.
KAREN: At no time. I had been working as an beast tutor. I’d done some wild things, love the time my partner, our girlfriend and 10 other people had sex in a sauna in Holland, but I would at no time had sex on-camera.

40SOMETHING: What was going throughout your mind?
KAREN: “Oh, my God! What am I doing?” And, “How do I look?” I would heard things from other people who had done porn, so when I came here, I was so happy with how the entire experience went. It was great and it actually gave me a great introduction into porn, and I learned how to do anal and how to make a DP work properly and have a worthwhile time.

40SOMETHING: What do u mean how to do anal? U had done anal in advance of, hadn’t u?
KAREN: Well, I’d done anal previous to but at not time on-camera. Not so smoothly and with a smile on my face. [Laughs]

40SOMETHING: So you were nervous.
KAREN: Certainly. It was nervewracking. And I remember I strided in and the cute lad I was intend to bonk was sitting on the couch, and I had no makeup on, but u lads made me look glamorous and it worked out great. I had a great time and that fellow had a great time, and my husband and I had a great time several months later when we observed the scene.

40SOMETHING: And then, a day later, you did DOUBLE PENETRATION.
KAREN: And then the next day DOUBLE PENETRATION, and that became the episode Cougar Trap, and my 1st anal was in Copulate My Old Arse #2.

40SOMETHING: Had u ever done DOUBLE PENETRATION in your personal life?
KAREN: I had done it in swinging settings, but one time more, it is not the same as on-camera. On-camera, u have to worry about the angles and make sure the digital camera can watch the ramrods in your fur pie and your arse at the same time, and then there are issues with lighting it properly and all that. In your personal life, two guys are banging u and u do not worry about anything but cumming, but it was awesome sex, and I was so into it, mostly ‘coz I knew what I was doing on-camera was so nasty and naughty! I mean, how many 47-year-olds receive drilled by 2 boyz on-camera, and 2 hung boys?

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