Kate United Realm & Lisa Tiffian Kate Great Britain & Lisa Tiffian
Kate England & Lisa Tiffian @ ZebraGirls.com
Kate Great Britain is made water, and she’s about to make things right. She is suspected her man is cheating on her with one of her pals, Lisa Tiffian, and now she’s about to learn the truth. That’s why this babe flaunts up at Lisa’s as this scene kicks off. In a short time, that babe is choking the truth out of Lisa with a giant, darksome dildo! Once Lisa confesses, it is on! Kate straps on another larger than typical dark dong from her arsenal, then gives it to Lisa in all three holes. If that’s not enough, Kate gets Lisa to drop to her knees in advance of some foot worship, then it is on to Kate being pleasured before that babe leaves Lisa — exhausted and laid out on the floor — swear she’ll at no time tough Kate’s Lothario afresh!
Kate UK & Lisa Tiffian Kate England & Lisa Tiffian

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