Eyecandy Angel

Eyecandy Girl

Eye candy is the right phrase. Each inch of party gal Katie Thornton causes sugar shock. Destined to be a SCORE magazine covergirl, Katie loves to squeeze her perfect body and bigger than standard mounds into the tightest garments possible when she goes out.

“I adore the attention I receive,” Katie says. “I wear plunge bras. Most of mine are fitted but I can fit into Ann Summers. It is a British company. I adore the way they make my love bubbles look.”

A favourite of the UK tabs, Katie won the Supermodel Britain Agency Reward for 2014. This babe was following SCORE on Twitter and we were following her. One thing led to one more and she accepted our invitation. It is a match made in heaven.

Katie says that babe has peculiar talents. And what are they? “I’m double-jointed and I am highly flexible!”

Even though this babe doesn’t look the sort, Katie says that babe is into thraldom and can’t live without being tied-up. One of her dreams is “being fastened and gagged with hot beauties in a three-way.” Who’d have guessed it? Maybe we can learn the ropes from her.

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