Monokini Madness

Monokini Madness

Here comes Kelly Christiansen and she kills a hot bikini with the greatest of ease. Who else has worn this kind of wood-making monoklini? Vanessa Montagne, Morgan Leigh, Annina, Karla James, Eva Notty to name a not many. To just stare at her stylish body all day is an impressive way to pass the time. She is brought along her bottle of greasy oil and this babe proceeds to dump the contents all over her skin until that babe shines. Works of art in the world’s almost any illustrious museums cant be compared to this Amazon. They are no thing next to her.

Becoming a SCORE glamour model changed Kelly. Unleashed new interior forces. “Before I sauntered into the studio the 1st time, I actually, honestly did not think I could pose, and coming in and having such a good time and seeing the magazines, definitely, I could not believe it. It was great. I was looking for a change. I wanted to do smth completely drastic, and I did. And drastic for me is I wouldn’t at all done anything love that. I would been to a in nature’s garb beach. My fullsome funbags fell out at a public pool one time!”

Kelly is always interested in what SCORE Boys need to say about her. “I read the comments and letters all the time. I love to read and inspect what people are saying. I suppose it doesn’t matter what other people think, you’re always a hundred percent more critical about yourself than anyone else can be, so you are always wondering. People always ask if I look love I do in the pics. It is probably one of the most-asked questions I have had, do you truly look love u do in the magazines and videos, and I say, ‘Yes, I think so.’ Of course, I do not go around adore this to the grocery store!”

Unfortunately for the crew at her grocery store.

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