Sprayin’ & Spreadin’

Sprayin' & Spreadin'

Did u know that boyz adore to view gals pee?

I not at all really thought about it previous to, but I think it makes sense. They can’t live out of to spy on us in the locker room because we acquire exposed in there, and in the bathroom we’re dropping our straps and exposing our slits. I have shared a stall with a stud previous to, but it was to bonk. But I would have totally let him see me pee if this man wanted. I am not coyness!”

What’s it like for angels to go to the washroom?

“It’s beautiful relaxed and open. That is why we go in groups. If there’s just one large stall we’ll pee in front of each other while talking like it is no large deal. We’ll take a peek at each other’s vaginas and gossip about who we’re hooking up with.”

What did you think when we asked you to tinkle for L’il Pissers?

“That I better swallow lots of water! I kind of wished there was a boy there watching me during my scene. That’s what I was thinking of as I fingered my muff, some pervy buck jacking his ramrod to my hot urinate stream leaking without me!”

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