First Place Copulate

First Place Fuck

If twerking were an Olympic event, Layla Monroe would have sufficient gold medals to make Michael Phelps envious. It is no surprise, though. She’s got the type of body that makes other chicks envious, and when that babe is not shooting some of the hottest hardcore scenes around with us, Layla dances at some of the hottest exotic dancing clubs in the country.

A man has to know what that gent is doing to handle a goddess like Layla and her Fourty six inches of junk. Seth Diamond is that fellow. Babes say his surname is Diamond because he’s got a diamond schlong. Layla’s about to inspect if that is true.

She drops down low to engulf on his dong, still popping her a-hole cheeks. That’s a able move only one of the baddest hotty’s around can pull off. After getting his cock slick and ready, Layla hops on top of Seth and stuffs him inside of her. This babe pops and twerks on his magic stick like she’s workin’ the pole at King of Diamonds. Is she lap dancing or is that babe rogering? It’s subrigid to tell, but it really doesn’t matter right now.

Layla’s been giving it to Seth so far, but it is time for him to return the favor. He pulls his knob without Layla, flips her over and beasts on that vagina from behind. She’s still poppin’ and clappin’ her ass with every thrust into her twat, and it isn’t long previous to Seth needs to drop his jizz. When this lady-killer can not hold on any longer, this dude pulls his dong out afresh and discharges his load all over her butt.

This was definitely a first place screw.

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