DDD Texan

DDD Texan

“I like it when a dude makes the 1st move on me,” says Lexi Summers. Cuties don’t cum any cuter than this Texas transplant. “Guys hit on me a lot. It makes it very, very rigid for me to find a boyfriend just cuz I acquire bored so fast and I’m always collision recent men. I adore a challenge, though. Confidence is very hawt to me. I suppose it’s important for a lad to be very confident.”

“I have had lots of people say that my hooters are great, but then one time more, plenty of boys think my love melons are ok and then just go str8 for my wazoo. It actually depends on what they can’t live out of. I guess it’s what they enjoy.”

“I think that I’m more aggressive with chaps and with vixens I’m more ardent. It is a lot more giving a kiss and passion. With dudes it’s horny and hawt and a lot more aggressive. I adore chicks with bigger in size than standard bosoms. Or, like, bigger in size than run of the mill asses. You need something to hold on to.”

“I am one of those girls who actually loves to give head. I relish it. I hear stories about boys who have to entreat their girlfriends to suck their schlongs. Not me. I wouldn’t at all ask a guy to beg me. I would suggest to do it.”

True girlfriend material.

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