Love daughter, love Mother

Like daughter, adore mother

Want to hear a fine story? Ok, we’ll tell you one. You are gonna adore it.
Back in late August, a big-boobed goddess named Nikki Smith visited our studio to shoot some images and movies for and Now, Nikki is a cute, bubbly 24-year-old with H-cup meatballs. She’s a former cheerleader who is seemingly always smiling. For her first visit to our studio, that babe was not sure how far she wanted to go, but this babe enjoyed herself so much that she returned just 3 weeks later to suck and copulate a real shlong on-camera.

Okay, end of story, right? Well, incorrect.

Because Nikki went home to Sacramento, California and what did this babe do?

She told her Mom about what that babe had done!

And did her Mommy say, “Oh, Nikki, how could u?” or “Nikki, you are such a little slut. I thought I raised you better”?

No. What her Mama said was, “How can I get some of that act?”

And Nikki told, “Why don’t u give them a call?”

Which is what Nikki’s Mommy did. That babe likewise sent us some test shots.

We’re sure you’ve guessed by now that Nikki’s Mama is none other than the lady you’re about to see. Her name is Barbi. She’s a 48-year-old divorcee who says, “My daughter is wild. She gets it from me.”

Now isn’t that a priceless story? And what makes it even better is that, from what we can tell, Barbi is even wilder than her daughter. ‘coz Barbi didn’t wait in advance of that babe screwed on-camera. That babe did it the 1st time she visited our studio.

And here that babe is!

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