Feel The Payne

Feel The Payne

Feel The Payne. Lila Payne’s low-cut outfit with its overflowing boobage spilling forth has kind of a Renaissance Fair look. She’s definitely the kind of hotty knights would joust over!

So if a man acquires a session with Lila, what will happen betwixt ’em?

“It can be everything the ladies man wishes. I do traditional domina sessions. I do a lot of wrestling and strong-woman sessions for people who love to be picked up and carried around. I do breast feeding. I do wrestling in custard and sploshing. I adore the freaky stuff. If u go to my website, I have these packages I suggest.

“The first one is The Sanctuary, which is a actually intimate, passionate girlfriend experience with no kink. The second one is The Awaking, which is for people who are interested in exploring a little bit of kink or they love the idea of being with a masterful lady or being tied up and used like a shag toy. They urge to be with a sexually aggressive domme, but they don’t know how kink works or what they want, so I guide them through it.

“And then there is The Banquet, which is for people who are more accomplished and know what they wish and wanna do. It could be cross dressing or wrestling or something else. They might have special scripts they crave to carry out. I create something indeed elaborate for ’em with decorations, and the outfits are elaborate, also. It’s a really tailored, detailed experience. That’s what I love, when my clients have truly particular wants. I love a defiance. I love to make the sessions truly peculiar just for them.”

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