Linsey & Chloe ’98

Linsey & Chloe '98

Originally published in the October ’98 edition of Voluptuous, one would guess that Linsey and Chloe in their 1st photo set together would have been chosen the main covergirls. They did appear prominently on the cover but the main angel the editors and art director chose was Autumn-Jade in her launch pictorial. Chloe was 26, Linsey 19, at the time of publication. The element of domination is present. In some of the poses and body language, Chloe takes the masterful hand and Linsey defers. For the majority part though, there is a balance betwixt the two in this ode to demeur Lezzie-inspired sensuality as one as well as the other femmes presented their phenomenal bodies for the enlightenment and entertainment of the sophisticated breast connoisseur. There would be two more pictorials but alas, no video…

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