Chestfully Yours

Chestfully Yours

Liza Biggs is back, this babe is bad and she’s looking more smashing than ever. This is the kind of girl a petticoat chaser has to literally worship. There are scarcely any love her in the world. Trust us, we have been doing this since 1992.

“She gives me hard-ons by just checking her deep cleavage, period,” Sean Felder wrote at the SCORELAND Blog.

“I’ve at not time been with a smooth operator that wasn’t into bra-busters,” Liza told, although that could happen. “That would probably be kind of inflexible to detect, likewise. It would be kind of rock hard to not be a tit smooth operator and wish me. They’ll just be all excited about the milk shakes. A small in number dudes will just be a bit overwhelmed by all the boob the first time that we do it.

“It’s love what do you do with them? They’ll want me to shake ’em in their face, push them into their face. I get motor-boated a lot. I use them to jerk ’em off, likewise. That’s smth lots of boyz like. I adore seeing the excitement from the lad. The energy.”

Liza Biggs is blessed by Mamma Nature from head to toe. And as a skillful chef, Liza can whip up a nutritious, astonishing meal also. A boy needs to keep his strength up with this tasty big-boobed beauty.

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