Lizzie Mills

Lizzie Mills

Lizzie Mills was an exotic dancer at Pure Platinum in Columbus, Ohio when SCORE shot this love-doll of the future movie (on DVD in Busty Sex toy Paramours 5).

“I dance mostly on weekends,” told Lizzie at the time. “There’s dancing with knockers in the face, but no grinding. Plus, we’ve shower unveils where a boy sits in a chair, and a gal is in a shower for him. It acquires real interesting when there’s more than one cutie in there at the same time. I have been in there with five gals at one time.”

Lizzie the perfect little busty like robot is dressed in a see-through doll dress and gogo dancer heels. Lizzie comes packed in a cellophane-wrapped doll box. It comes with cream for her larger than run of the mill zeppelins and a sextoy, batteries not included.

Lizzie’s fur pie was shaved and pierced. “I just think it’s hawt and sexy,” Lizzie said. “I do not think lots of piercings are hawt. If u just have one or 2, OK. I used to have my tongue pierced, but I took that out.”

A consummate gift for Xmas. If u could buy one….

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