Lusty Lalin girl

Lusty Latina

“I am so sexually excited, Papi!” moans lusty Lalin girl, Isabella De La Cruz with a thick accent. “When I touch my feet I acquire so luscious and I feel so slutty that it’s without control! I adore to pour plenty of baby oil on them and rub them and imagine that it’s u touching me and fondelling my feet with your larger than standard rod. I love to fantasize about it and whilst I do, I rub my oily feet over and over and then, when I can’t take it anymore, I let myself cum. I can cum out of even touching my vagina. Just by fondelling my legs and feet! And if I know u are watching me stroke my foot adore it’s your rod, I will come even faster. Do not you wanna cum with me? Touch your large pecker, Papi, and cum all over my feet during the time that my vagina oozes my cum everywhere, also!”

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