Busting In The Recent Vixen

Busting In The Recent Vixen

Meet Marie Leone! Marie is a rookie to SCORE and merely 19-years-old. But what an ultra-voluptuous body! Incredible! SCORE has been photographing busty angels since 1992 and during the time that we take no girl for granted, seeing Marie Leone for the 1st time kicked off an adrenaline rush in the employees. Marie is spectacularly athletic and is blessed with a charming face. This babe wears a tank top and denim shorts here, sexy outfit that this babe should wear all of the time.

Marie 1st answers the SCORE cameraman’s probing questions about her life back home in LA, where this babe was born. Marie’s voice is also as distinctive as her body. It’ll stick in your head, like her wondrous love muffins. That babe is delightsome. Like a doll. A living doll. But she is real! Extraordinarily real!

“I started to develop when I was 14 but before then, I was greatly flat-chested and slender. By the time I gotta 8th grade, I was even larger than the teacher,” says Marie, so matter-of-fact about her charming body and her excellent billibongs. It’s true that boys are more amorous about bigger in size than standard scoops than the girls who actually have them. It is adore they’re thinking, “What’s the fuss?” What’s the fuss? We’ll tell ya what the fuss is!

Marie works in an auto shop back home. Yes, an auto shop. She got into cars growing up, influenced by her sister. Not dolls or music or the legal age teenager idol of the year. The auto customers get to go screwing crazy when they see her. This is how a business is muscly up. You hire angels stacked love Marie, if u can discover ’em! However, Marie says this babe doesn’t suit like that babe is clothed in this scene. Maybe it’s better that way.

When Marie’s date comes on to the set to greet her, that gent takes both of her 34J-cup mambos and shakes ’em instead of shaking her hand. That’s what all of us would do in his place. His eyes rogering pop out as this babe brandishes him her nude marangos.

As soon as Marie takes her colossal mounds out of her bra, this chab makes his move and helps Marie disrobe. Out of skipping a beat, she’s on her knees mouthing pole and massaging it betwixt her stupendous marangos. She’s the consummate shag doll.

Their first position is reverse cowgirl. Lubricated by her saliva, his pipe slides right in and fills her 19-year-old taco. Marie isn’t a dirty talker when that babe bonks but you’ll see right away that this chick actually loves to get fucked hard.

Marie likes 69 and getting talked smutty to but she says ‘I don’t talk ribald cuz I donot curse. A matter of joke, huh? Look at me doing porn and I can not say copulate worth a damn!” This cutie is Nineteen?

Welcome, Marie Leone, recent SCORE heavy-hootered vixen!

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