Meet Gabrielle Like

Meet Gabrielle Love

Meet a fresh SCORELAND guest with great, greater than standard twin turbos and a smokin’ tailpipe, a cutie with more curves than Independence Pass in the Rocky Mountains. Gabrielle Adore from California was identified by a studio staffer during our never-ending glamour model search. She’s not at all been in a men’s magazine previous to and was eager for a fresh experience. The almost all joy job Gabrielle’s had in her life prior to this has been bartending. A sports fan, Gabrielle loves to view basketball (favourite teams: the Boston Celtics and the Los Angeles Clippers) and football (favourite teams: San Francisco 49ers and the Oakland Raiders). An outside kind of girl, Gabrielle enjoys hiking, cook-outs, swimming and being out in the sun having pleasure. (Confession: “I had sex on the beach once during the time that a stranger viewed us. It was kinda kinky but I got a thrill out of it.”) Being stacked, this babe always receives checked out–a lot. “Guys are always looking at my chest, not my eyes,” says Gabrielle who is not complaining about it or that babe would not be here. “It’s natural. I adore being a shapely female-dom and I adore good attention.” Gabrielle has back too. In fact, her twin love bubbles are a work of art likewise and that should please paramours of the one and the other worthwhile pointer sisters and tush. Unveil the like and comment underneath. Welcome aboard, Gabrielle Like.

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