After School Play

After School Play

Glamorous Melissa Manning is that dream college coed male students and professors crave they could sit next to. Unfortunately for thousands of university campuses around the world, there is merely one Melissa, blessed by nature and passing the blessings forward by becoming a glamour model and posing for SCORE and Voluptuous. That kind of generosity is beyond mere tape-measurement.

Melissa’s numbers add up to a healthy 44-28-38. Not the numbers in the notebook that babe is writing in. The numbers that make up Melissa’s unbelievable rack. (We’ll take it for granted that you’ve seen Melissa’s re-measuring movie scene (“Melissa’s Cups Runneth Over”) by now.

Now, Melissa says she should be studying but that babe can feel your eyes staring at her heavy mangos. She says it’s getting actually hawt at her desk and she doesn’t know how she is supposed to receive any studying done with u staring. That is the idea.

That brassiere is also taut, complains Melissa. The poor gal can not breathe. That babe receive to readjust her kneadable mangos right then and there. Melissa stands up and squeezes her big milk sacks jointly so tightly, they escape her below garment. Just how lusciously squeezable are those cupcakes? Melissa will unveil how much, squishing ’em and pinching her pointy teats as the camera moves in for a taut close-up of her jubilant jugs.

When Melissa leans forward and crams her mamnificent fullsome funbags on the glass desk top, there is only one respectable thing to do. Get underneath the desk and look up at Melissa. Miss Manning brings a new definition to milk sacks and wazoo on glass!

Study hall is done for this day. Who can concentrate with Melissa Manning’s large scones in their face?

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