A Smack of Honey

A Taste of Honey

It is picnic time for Michelle Sweetheart and Tony. And Michelle is the topmost tasting item on the menu. Tony will be drilling for a-hole this day and Michelle’s asshole is as pleasing as sweetheart. It is a box lunch for him. That buck hopes to squeeze it in to the hilt. Michelle likes to please guys so he should be a cheerful fellow by the time this stud drops his nut.

Michelle’s from Las Vegas by way of New York and can’t live without to bonk outdoors–parks, fields, rooftops, parking lots, balconies. The cutie likes recent air.

“I adore my funbags and I relish hearing lads make comments about ’em when I walk past ’em,” told Michelle. “If they did not make comments, I would think smth was not right with me!”

Michelle was on Tyra Banks’ TV talk show (“A Day In The Life of A Porn Star”) and took part in one of Tyra’s “social experiments.” She lived in a house called Porntown with a group of other female adult entertainers. Every hotty assigned herself a “role” in Porntown. The basic idea was to see if there is a hierarchy or pecking command among different types of girls. Charming interesting idea. Likewise bad they couldn’t expose ’em taking communal showers.

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