Natalie’s Latest Growth Spurt

Natalie's Latest Growth Spurt

When it came time to plan the guest glamour model list for this recent Mexican hayride, Natalie Fiore‘s name was one of the 1st to be brought up. Prior to the planning stage of the voyage, we learned that Natalie had once anew able one more spurt of tit-growth. Now her pantoons are more monumental than ever. They’re humongous! Compare and watch. Will her breast expansion ever end? We hope it doesn’t. “I don’t know why they keep growing,” says Natalie. “They just keep growing. I don’t know why. Hormones? Maybe God urges me to have greater than standard fun bags. They’re still firm and str8 with out a bra.” Micky Bells suggests the suggestion that eating plenty of chicken is the cause of Natalie‘s breast spurt. “I’m probably an H-cup now. I used to be a DD. Then an E. Then, last year, an F. Now I suppose I’m an H. That’s the evolution of my pointer sisters!”

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