Naughty & Naked

Naughty & Nude

Natalia, do u ever just hang out at home stripped?
“Yes, of course. Whenever my parents are away I’ll walk around nude. But you know, once the pool lad saw me exposed. We’ve lots of sliding glass doors in my house so you can watch in from the backyard. Well, the pool Lothario was out there and I didn’t notice him till it was too late!”

He saw you, right? What was his reaction? We bet this lady-killer was happy!
“He definitely saw me. I was walking around undressed adore it was all worthwhile when I noticed the water in the pool moving. Then I saw him walk by. I freaked out and ducked beneath a window. I saw him walk by one more time and he had the monumental smile on his face. Ever since then I haven’t been competent to make eye contact with him ‘cuz I’ve been so confused about it all.”

You have no reason to feel ashamed. We’re sure this chab liked it!
“Well, u know I was constrained about it cuz I was caught off guard, but a part of me did like it. The more I thought of it, the more it appeared to be kind of hot. To be honest, that is part of the reason I haven’t been talented to make eye contact with him. It is cuz when I think back on it, the entire scenario turns me on. I desire I
would have acted on it instead of hiding.”

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