No. 15: Terry Nova

No. 15: Terry Nova

Terry Nova believes in a variation of former YOU.S. President Teddy Roosevelt’s celebrated saying. “Walk softly and carry big tits” is quiet Terry‘s slogan. Terry should consider trickling for political office in her native Czech Republic. She’s done so much to promote her country as a producer and exporter of some of the world’s gigantic and best natural melons. She could be minister of the treasury.

We 1st learned about Terry when one of our regular contributing photographers, a Czech herself, sent us Terry‘s test shots. One look was all it took. Later that year, SCORE invited Terry to join Lorna Morgan, Angela White, Gianna Rossi and Christy Marks for a journey to Eleuthera, The Bahamas for a week. We weren’t sure if Terry would accept. This babe solely knew a handful of English words, and no one on the discharge knew Czech. Would that babe feel without place and isolated? Fortunately, she was not. SCORE Editor Dave Rosenbaum was on that travel and seen that, “Terry always looked like she was having a valuable time, but that babe too always looked like this babe wanted to say something but couldn’t say it…because none of us would understand what this babe was saying.”

When Terry and Gianna Rossi modeled jointly on the island, the theme of the shoot was that they were both controlling, monumental boobed cave girls. This was changed to a military-uniform theme, except no army ever issued uniforms like this. Despite the language barrier, big boobed girls think alike and can communicate telepathically, so the discharge went well.

A not many months after Eleuthera when SCORE headed to the Czechia for On Location Prague, who did we call upon? You guessed it. This was Terry‘s 1st time doing hardcore for us. The sight of these pendulous fun bags swaying and swinging in the breeze during the time that that babe was being filled doggy position is one of those things you not ever forget.

Terry was such a hit once again and so accommodating a beauty that when SCORE went to a old castle outdoors Budapest, Hungary for Big-Boob Riding Academy, Terry was invited afresh to join with her friend Christy Marks plus Karina Hart, Melissa Mandlikova, Jasmine Darksome and Kristy Klenot. This time, Terry gotta ride a horse for the film’s riding scene on the lawn, and it wasn’t a little pony, either. Although she’s not the rider that country gal Christy is, Terry acquitted herself nicely. The “Hungary For Hooters” photo-report in SCORELAND‘s Galleries section has a not many shots of Terry saddled up on our Hungarian version of Mr. Ed.

SCORELAND member Slothsaxon summed it up for many when that buck commented, “Terry couldn’t possibly be more attractive: that angelic face, those perfectly moist bazookas, these wet hips and curvy legs. That babe is anything impressive!”

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