Bad As She Desires To Be

Bad As She Craves To Be

Lots of gals with larger than run of the mill hooters or large booties cover their assets up. This is often ‘cuz they’re timid and don’t crave to deal with lots of boyz approaching ’em. Olivia Jackson isn’t that sort of goddess. This babe is got it and this babe shows it.

“Why should I cover up?” Olivia says. “I love my body and I am satisfied of it. I love collision recent people, too. Whilst it’s mostly studs who approach me, beauties will sometimes come up to me and comment on my boobs and ass, likewise. I have had some ask to touch my love melons. I’ve had strippers spank my ass.”

Olivia is the sort of gal you like from every angle. Well, what we mean is that that babe is the sort u shag from each angle. And that’s exactly what our ally Rocky does in this scene. Olivia is as bad as this babe desires to be, and this babe brandishes how bad this babe can acquire. That babe has it, and this babe flaunts it.

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