On The Job, On Your Ding-dong

On The Job, On Your Knob

Ever heard of the term, “On The Job Training”? Well, if big breasted dick-lover, Kali West is your direct slutervisor, um, supervisor, then on the job training means she’s fucking you in the office. You watch, sweethearts love Kali who have large love melons and are shackled to a desk are sexually excited as copulate, fellow. It is a fact. They walk around in their confining business suits and all they wanna do is rip these things open and let their chesticles breathe a little. And don’t forget how lewd being in a position of force makes a honey. When this babe can boss around and train a Lothario, leaning over his desk, giving him a clear view of her deep cleavage canal, she gets off on that shit, we promise. The corroboration is in this movie scene. See as Kali shows this lad all of his employee benefits by rogering him in the company’s kitchen lounge. We think that this should be implemented in each office in the U.S.

Think about it…who wouldn’t wanna pull a little XXX overtime?

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