Packin’ Boobs of Enjoyment

Packin' Boobies of Pleasure

Well, well, well…welcome back to BootyLicious, Joy. We missed you and your very wonderful arse!

“[Laughs.] And I missed modeling and showing off this very admirable booty. I truly took some time off to visit my family in the Dominican Republic and then I went back to school and got my degree. Now, I am back to adult modeling and traveling around for a year until I come to a conclusion whether I wanna go back to school for my masters. I have to say that I really have missed my fans and doing plenty of kinky things on screen!”

We abhor to point out the obvious, but is your booty even larger?

“[Laughs.] Oh, u know it’s! I guess that they call that the Freshman 15, when u go to high-school and gain 15 pounds. Well, I must have gained it in my butt coz it just will not avoid getting bigger and greater. I think my brains and my butt grew whilst I was in school. But it looks precious, right? I like the way my booty looks in a small petticoat and I flaunt it off a lot. Do you boyz think it looks nice when I’m exposed?”

Are u putting that booty to worthwhile use in the bedroom?

“Well, I haven’t done anal yet, but u know I’m a freak, so I adore to sit my big ole’ ass on a guy’s face and ride it. There is nothing adore feeling a man’s tongue buried unfathomable in your rectal hole while u grind your ass on his face hole. It is heavenly!”