Peep this!

Peep this!

Jennifer, what’s this you said us about a peeping Tom dream?

“It’s always been a dream of mine to masturbate in front of a peeping Tom. I actually get off on the idea of someone spying on me. So I got a friend of mine to view me from the window, and I masturbated for him. Then I said him that stud was a naughty guy for spying, but I would forgive him if this dude screwed me.”

Was role-playing sufficient or do u still desire the real experience?

“The role-playing was hawt and plenty of fun, but at the end of the day I knew it was still fake. I would adore it if I could really catch a man peeping on me. I know almost any beauties would get barmy, but I would acquire excited.”

What is it about a peeping Tom that turns u on so much?

“Well adore I said, I adore to be observed. I do not really know why. Maybe it’s ‘cuz I like being admired. I love the complete wicked aspect of it, love how you are not supposed to be spying on people but you’re in any case cuz it turns you on. And certainly I love chaps to wank to me.”

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