Phoenix Anal-zonea

Phoenix Anal-zonea

A headmistress like Phoenix…you know that one time that babe acquires started, she’s not going to stop. U know that one time this babe acquires her 1st taste of screwing on-camera, the second go-round will not be far behind. So here’s this 63-year-old divorcee, looking super-sexy in a fetish outfit that consists of a red and dark leather waist cincher over a black spandex costume. It doesn’t leave much to the imagination during the time that leaving just sufficient to the imagination.

Oh, by the way, for an encore, Phoenix gets her gazoo drilled.

Oh, and some other thing: the ladies man cums on her anal opening.

Wonderful. Very worthwhile.

This from a woman who said us, “I was absolutely vanilla until I turned Fifty seven years old, and that’s when I detected that I had missed out on my Thirty’s, 40’s and Fifty’s and decided I was going to make some changes.”

This is one of these changes.

Phoenix’s friends call her “Nipples.” Now they can kick off calling her “Analicious Nipps.”

“I didn’t become a nudist until I was Fifty five years mature,” Phoenix said. “A scarcely any years later, I got a tattoo on my back. I am having sex every single day, sometimes twice a day. I’m doing things I never thought I would do.”

Like getting ass-fucked on-camera. Love letting a total stranger cum in her aged rectal hole?


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