Pinup Pantyhose Dream

Pinup Pantyhose Fantasy

Chloe was the kind of gal who would not take no for an answer. During the time that the beauties she knew all wanted to marry a pilot and settle down in suburbia, this babe wanted to earn her wings and watch the world! And with that much gumption, who could avoid her? This babe donned her foremost hose and her favourite boots and hit the road, on her way to flight school. Along the way, this babe met many flyboys and airmen who wanted to help her join the mile high undress club. Some of them wanted to wine and dine her and some of them wanted her to sit in their cockpit, but the ones who let her walk all over ’em were her much loved. This babe had a thing for towering over dudes. When a pilot offered to aid her accrue some fly time, she jumped at the opportunity. This babe also jumped at the chance to let him worship her legs and feet whilst they were in the air. With her hands on the controls and her toes in his mouth, she felt her spirit soar. And that is when she wrapped her peds around his control stick! She’d at no time given a foot job previous to, but in a short time her arches were flying up and down his cock, pumping geysers of cum all over her soles. When they got the all clear to land, this babe looked over, winked and thanked him for teaching her how to fly the amicable skies!

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