Swimming pool side Pipejob

Poolside Pipejob

Looking mouthwatering in her diminutive swimsuit top and cut-off jean shorts, the super-sexy Romanian pixie-doll Lana Ivans approaches Mr. J. Largo. That lady-killer is sunning at the pool but his sunambulistic state is about to end, in a happy ending, ‘cuz our little bosom buddy Ivans is lewd and needs relief. Lana wishes some pool side pipe to liven up her boring afternoon and that babe seeks out the right tool for the right job. Lana dressed up love a nurse last time and now that babe needs one more go, this time underneath the tropical sun. For a little hotty, Lana can part her legs very nicely for large wood. A admirable, wholesome-looking girl-next-door, Lana enjoys playing the bad, nasty girl and this babe has mastered the art of acting horny with out really being a bitch. And Lana likes being looked at while this babe does those rude things, sneaking looks at the digital camera with a bratty, hawt expression whilst Largo plows her breasts or stuffs his dick in her expecting mouth. A careful balancing action is needed as they bonk on that beach chair but she’s in nice hands. Lana reaches her climax and acquires a load for her sweet throat as well. This is her favourable day. Here is a goddess no one could ever tire of.

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