Poundin’ at the Picnic

Poundin' at the Picnic

There’s nothing but clear skies and sunny days ahead if you take beauty Sarah Sunshine out for a picnic. This bright and glad jugg-tastic girl knows how to plan a spread and coincidentally, she’s valuable at spreading, too. She brandishes up in these miniature jean shorts and little halter top looking like a sexy mix of one as well as the other girl-next-door Maryanne and redheaded sex bomb Ginger from Gilligan’s Island. What’s in her basket? Plenty of edible goodies that u can share and eat jointly and that babe is not above playing with her food, either. She urges to eat some grapes, sure, but this babe likewise wishes to gobble up your meat-thermometer! And whilst this babe wishes you to hand feed her fruits, this babe too craves to make sure u are getting enough to eat, so that babe likewise smears brownies on her tatas for dessert. So eat off of her rack previous to you skeet all over her twins. And Sarah makes haste, not waste so after u cum on her, she licks all that chocolate and man cream off of her love muffins because she knows all about the nutrients in jizz. So the lesson of the day is: Take Sarah on a picnic and she will take you for the ride of your life!

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