Pouty Outie

Pouty Outie

Rebek’s an exhibitionist.

This enchanting redheaded Canadian has always loved to show off. “My allies all know I’m wild. I have always been the first to play truth-or-dare. I not ever cared what people dared me to do, either. One time I ordered a pizza and answered the door absolutely bare. The driver just stared at me with his mouth wide open! I guess his cheeks got as red as my hair! Anew I was dared to put an ice cube in my friend Emily’s cunt and take up with the tongue it out. I was gonna town on her, but that babe chickened out when that babe was supposed to go down on me. I’m still marvelous frustrated. I haven’t had one more chance to be with a angel!”

So, you like being a bad angel, huh?

“I love doing things people think are filthy. I once had sex in the great outside. It was with my first spouse and solely the second time I had ever had sex. We were walking through the woods and that fellow sat down on a fallen tree and pulled his ding-dong out. I gave him a fellatio and drank his man-juice, but that Lothario was still amorous so I climbed on top of him. It was the 1st time somebody ever came in me, too. I remember it being such a shock and feeling so nice that I started to cum when I felt his nuts tighten and shoot.”

It is all for enjoyment!

“I execrate how people take things likewise seriously. Adore, my friends are all getting indeed serious with their boyfriends and I am adore, ‘Slow down! We’re also young for all that!’ I urge to have as much pleasure as possible while I’m juvenile. Like, I went on a pair of dates with this truly cute, older skirt chaser who could have passed for my daddy! We got the funniest stares when we went out. It was kind of a turn-on. I like courting and getting to know all different kinds of people.”

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