Rockin’ The House

Rockin' The House

That babe can’t live with out to Zumba, she likes to wrestle other babes in the mud and that babe loves to karaoke. Alabama female-dominant Rockell talks to SCORE about mambos, hobbies and more in her first full-length interview. Rockell is on a cowgirl set for a glamour photoshoot in the December ’13 Voluptuous.

Rockell has been featured in 2 SCORELAND Blog clips. They are great, but we needed more. More! More Rockell! That Southern woman chaser voice, that alluring kisser and that voluptuous body will kill ya! When you first saw Rockell, did you think she resembles she could work at Mounds? Well, that babe did.

“I worked at Meatballs, and obviously I filled out the requirements very well and the tips were very worthy,” that babe said. “I was truly in the restaurant on Christmas Day eating with a ally. I was clothed cute, but my knockers weren’t out. I had on a sweater coz it was cold. My waitress was a very nice-looking Bra buddies goddess and she was love, ‘Would u adore to work here?’ And I was adore, ‘Oh, why not? Of course.’ So this babe went and got the manager and this fellow hired me on the spot and I was a Mambos angel.”

Of course he hired her. Merely the world’s most-incompetent manager would not hire Rockell.

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