Back To School

Back To School

When Roxanne Miller goes back to school after her summer vacation, there appears to be to be large gatherings awaiting to see her walk from class to class on the campus lawn. Her bazookas jiggle even though they’re secure in their GG cups and her haunches and arse swivel from side to side adore a pendulum. There is a scientific term for this phenomenon.

We can not await a beauty as brawny as Roxanne to go to classes wearing baggy tops and loose-fitting jeans. That won’t do. Fortunately, Roxanne knows how to suit her curves and her bumps for maximum male enhancement. We’re pleasured of her for that. Higher education doesn’t mean beauties have to wear a potato sack. There is a direct correlation between smart beauties and tight, cleavage-revealing tops. Roxanne proves this theory.

“I receive so much attention for my meatballs. On the streets, dudes are always yelling after me or I hear them saying things. The gals notice my juggs also. Some of ’em beg me to let ’em touch ’em. I could be tits-sisters with so many cuties!”

Roxanne is a gal with a plan and desires to continue her career as a radio DJ in Romania. That babe is likewise an actress, make-up artist, blogger, web-cammer, poet, photographer and writer. “I wanna write a book,” says Roxanne. “But I wanna keep it a secret right now.” What secrets does she have? Maybe we will investigate one of those days.

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