Not That Kind of Angel

Not That Kind of Girl

“I’m not the kind of girl who would normally do smth like this,” Selena said us. “But I am in grad school right now, and I realized that I kind of missed my undergraduate years being responsible. I’ve merely ever had long-term boyfriends, so I have by no means slept around and been irresponsible. Now’s my chance! I had the ex of one of my friends take those pix in his basement!”

“I wish to do everything! I am allies with one of the professors here at my school, and that babe and I share anything. I said her that I wanted to be in a mag. This babe told me that this babe had done smth like that a long-time ago. This babe was my support! This babe too said me that I should do more things that scare me. So now I have got a complete list of things to do: be with some other lady; be with two chaps at the same time; shag a dark fellow; receive a tattoo or a piercing; go on a roadtrip; and get drunk at noon! I’m going to try to do them all!”

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