Gal Jane

Lady Jane

And now for somebody who hasn’t been in SCORELAND in 2 years. Romanian porno star Sensual Jane is not the kind of angel you’d bring home to Mom but Daddy would sure appreciate the gesture. Jane’s life revolves around banging. She’s a wild one, yet if you saw her in person, u probably wouldn’t guess she’s into porn coz she has a low-key style and way of dressing. You’d think she was an alluring businesswoman with big natural marangos. However… “I have sex nearly each single day,” Jane said our photographer as this chab shot this new SCORE photo-shoot. “I have so much sex that I do not have time to masturbate.” One thing Jane urges to try that that babe hasn’t is smth that has its ups and downs: sex in an elevator. She’ll probably get around to trying that one of these days.

Jane doesn’t play or view sports although this babe likes to ski, go to spas and work-out. This babe says this babe doesn’t have many hobbies but this babe likes to voyage and sight-see, and being a porn star has taken her all over Europe. “I have not much spare time but I like to read books,” Jane adds.

Jane says she doesn’t suit in a way to direct attention to her pointer sisters or her booty. She won’t go to dinner in a petticoat that exposes the undercleavage of her arse. “I just costume to feel comfortable about myself. I do not do everything spectacular cuz my marangos attract the attention besides!” No matter what Jane wears, anywhere this babe goes, everyone’s eyes always zero in on her large zeppelins.

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