Swim dress Dazzle

Bikini Dazzle

“I was always glad with my whoppers,” says Sha Rizel. Sha’s homegirl Valory Irene translated. They were roommates and boy-friend travelers on this SCORE location discharge.

“My scones aid make me who I am, and I enjoy the attention that I receive from ’em. Also, I adore showing them off on the discharges I need to be a part of around the world.”

As in the video version, Sha tries on the skimpiest of all-time bikinis as that babe luxuriates in the sun at a hill-top mansion in the Dominican Republic. Elsewhere on the grounds are Hitomi, Joana and Valory. You know what they’re up to also involves a camera. This episode and photo widen is all about Sha and her gracious, beauty-contestant body.

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