She’ll Make You Pop

She'll Make You Pop

Meet Siri anew. More than a voice. That babe has it all. You’ve met Siri in her 1st SCORELAND glamour photoshoot. You have seen and listened to Siri in her first interview and first movie scene. Now go with Siri as that babe does her 1st SCORE XXX boy-girl scene. She’s observed SCORE and read SCORE. Now she’s in SCORE. The wife of a SCORE browser, Siri lives in California. She’s very open to the rock-hard jock and says her favourite position is “getting pounded really rigid in doggy.” Siri‘s gone from zero to sexty in a fairly short time. “I was 18 when I lost my virginity to a boy,” said Siri. “I had just graduated from high school. I lost my lesbian virginity at Nineteen. I am bi and I have many good cunnilingus powers! I was nearly 22 when I next had sex with a ladies man. But, now I have sex with my hubby at least twice a day, more often 3 times a day, and, since we’re swingers’, with a boy or cutie I might swing with.” This is a Siri-ously amorous hotty making up for lost time. “With the exception of sexy, bawdy talk for pleasure, I hate it when studs use carnal slurs against vixens in a derogatory way–slut, doxy, pussy,” says Siri. “If having sex and loving it makes a person a whore, then I’m a slut, and so are 99 percent of males! But it shouldn’t be a bad thing. It’s all about pleasure.” Words to live by, Siri. And now let us check out Siri make zoom-zoom and take care of the schvanz in her own peculiar way.

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