Love Her Greater than average Toys

Love Her Big Toys

An evening gown you can see nipps throughout. That works! Sheridan Adore (March ’14 SCORE mag covergirl) is the doll and she’s back coz A) Sheridan is one of the cuties we like B) She’s every inch a classically brawny, charming SCORE Angel C) Sheridan is as pleasant as apple pie and just as girl-next-door.

“I either have to have things that lace up or halter tops or an outfit with stretchy material,” Sheridan said. “I’ve had greater than standard milk cans since I was little, so you just kind of learn some of this stuff. For example, if I wore baggy T-shirts, you would think I’ve a bigger than average stomach cuz my billibongs stick out so far.”

When people see Sheridan, they automatically know that she’s got the “magic.” Now and then, someone familiar with SCORE recognizes her.

“I adore to go for sheer and see-through. I suit hawt when I go out with plenty of deep cleavage or sometimes see-through tops. I love going out shopping for smth sexy to wear, and seeing the reactions I receive.”

What’s in Miss Love’s toy chest? See what this babe is pulled out and place in this time. The hotty loves large toys.

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