Slide It In

Slip It In

Hey, Allison. Why are your briefs all succulent? “I was touching myself whilst envisaging to take those pictures. I was wanton! And I thought it would be sexy to pull down my shorts and have a pussy-juice stain on my undies.” What do u adore to think about when u play with yourself? “All kinds of things. If there is a buck or gal who I am attracted to I imagine what it would be adore to bonk ’em. I guess about them touching with tongue my cum-hole. If it’s a beauty, I imagine going down on her and fingering her until that babe cums in my face hole. If I am fantasizing about a lad, I guess about mouthing his meat-thermometer and enjoying how big and rock hard it feels in my throat. One of my beloved things to think about, and to truly experience, is when the ladies man first slips his weenie into my twat.” Why is that your beloved thing to fantasize about? “Because it feels so valuable! Up until that point you are actually wanting to have sex. Sometimes my cum-hole will love, throb ‘cuz it desires a meat-thermometer inside of it so bad. And the more you desire it, the more nice it feels. Also, that first stroke is when you’re the tightest. So when a boy 1st puts it in I can really feel it, and that charmer has to go slow so my pussy can stretch around his meat-thermometer. When a boy 1st puts it in…it’s love the moment of truth or something! Kind of like a first kiss, but instead of two mouths it is a knob and a cum-hole. It is the greatest feeling ever.”

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