SCORE Classics

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<p class=Sophia Capri, in this SCORE Classic clip, helped pop many a woodie. Previous to Sophia was Sophia, she called herself Cat Tailer. That babe explained why.

“I’ve always been called Cat since I was juvenile. When I called an stripper agency, they said me I needed two names and that stumped me! I had no idea what to use. I was hoping to use just ‘Cat.’ My grandma used to call me ‘Cat-Tail’ so I was playing around with that and it just came to me. ‘Cat Tailer.'”

Love many cuties, Cat became a dancer and then a model to earn tuition money and living expenses to go back to school and not have to take out expensive pupil loans. “I went to Michigan State YOU for two years and studied beast science genetics with an emphasis on equines. It was natural for me ‘coz I was on the Michigan State Equestrian team and I’ve my own horse. Of course, dancing was the next logical step after genetics! A lot of people go from genetics to dancing….”

A not many months later, Cat changed her name to Sophia Capri and sailed on the second Boob Cruise.

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