Still Contemplating

Still Waiting

Welcome, Hayden. Tell us about yourself.
“Well I was born in Oklahoma but now I live in California. I like to be active and I played volleyball and was on the swim team in high school. I too like to have sex, but I’m still expecting for a truly great, kinky experience.”

What kind of perverted things would you love to try whilst fucking?
“I like handcuffs, flogging and role-playing. Lots of the time I adore to fantasize about having sex in a men’s dressing room. There have been a pair of times where I was close to trying it, but I chickened out at the final second. Once I even went into the fitting room with a lad, but then one of the crew knocked on the door asking if there was someone else in there, and I got spooked.”

So are you gonna try to have sex in a fitting room afresh?
“Yes, definitely. And in a short time, also. I realized that I can’t just wait for perverted things to happen to me. I need to go out and make ’em happen. Next time I suppose I am plan to try to do it at this one petite raiment store I know of that has a
unisex fitting room. Hardly anyone ever watches it so it’ll be a valuable commence. Then after I scratch that off my list I can move on to the next thing, which is to have a three-way with two beauties. I truly adore fooling around with gals, so having 2 of them at once would be mind boggling. I would like to take control and lead that sexy fur pie unveil!”

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