Bathing costume Splendor

Swimsuit Splendor

Living near Manchester, Great Britain, Ashley Sage Ellison Ellison doesn’t get much of a chance to go to the beach. Spending a week in St. Maarten with The SCORE Group was an experience for her. “It reminds me of when I was younger and my family would vacation in Spain. I adore the beaches there. Being in Spain was pleasure, and I like being with my family. But this is a spectacular beach. Indeed glamourous.” What does Ashley do for enjoyment? Besides stripped modeling swimsuits completely unable to support her bra-busters? “I adore to go clubbing with my friends. You know, the complete goddess thing of dressing hawt, hitting the scene and not coming home until the wee morning hours. I like to wear corsets and short skirts, particularly in red or dark. I also adore to wear high heels and tanalise my hair out.” What else does Miss Ellison do for joy, besides intend to lap dancing clubs? “Going to vids is tons of pleasure. I am a bigger in size than typical Johnny Depp fan. I try to see all his clips. Bowling is joy, too.” Bowling? It get to be joy to observe Ashley bowl, too, in a different kind of way than wearing swim suits. Except for these godawful bowling shoes.

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