Dressed to fuck

Dressed to fuck

“Hey, baby, come here. I have a surprise for u. You’re plan to love it!” Taylor Lynn calls out to her dude at the commence of this scene.

Now, normally when a woman says that, the surprise might be steak for dinner instead of meat loaf, or maybe this babe called the cable company and ordered the fresh sports package. But in this case, Taylor’s surprise is that she is dressed to screw in a fishnet top and a miniature, darksome bra and briefs.

“It’s all for you,” Taylor Lynn tells her skirt chaser (who, it so happens, is Twenty four years younger than Taylor Lynn, who’s Fourty six. In other words, youthful sufficient to be her son).

Don’t u love it when a female says that? Do not you adore it when a lady undresses you and goes down on your ding-dong? Do not u adore it when a woman’s face hole is as tight and damp as Taylor’s? Do not u love it when a woman lets u cum all over her face?

We love it even more when that female is a first-timer, like Taylor Lynn is.

“Did u love your surprise?” Taylor Lynn asks her charmer.

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