The Afterglow

The Afterglow

Your smile looks extra-wide today. What’s up with that, Lorna? Why are u so cheerful?

“I’m basking in the afterglow of actually extraordinary sex. It happened last night and I cant stop thinking about it. I got rogered so fine and I came so many times.”

What happened last night?

“This boy and I were always just friends. Final night I was at his place and he kissed me. It got me so randy. Next thing I know I was riding him on the ottoman cumming like kooky! I suppose the sex was so good cuz we were allies 1st and actually comfortable with each other.”

When u have sex do you always think about it the next day?

“If it was indeed worthwhile, I do. And if it was the 1st time with a lad I am indeed into then I will definitely dwell on it. I replay every move in my mind over and over again.”

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