The Paramount Gift

The Most excellent Gift

What’s up with the toy, Holly?
“Do u adore it? My boyfriend got it for me for my birthday. I thought that was so considerate of him! I broke my last one ’cause I used it so much, and this chab knows I need a toy ‘cuz I’m super wanton. And of course I wanted him to try it on me as pretty soon as I unwrapped it!”

So how did u love him using the toy on u? Was it pleasure?
“It was nifty! I’ve not ever let a lad use a toy on me previous to, so it was a valuable change of pace. I suppose we should play with toys more often previous to we bonk. It got me super lascivious. The toy doesn’t compare to a real meat-thermometer, but it is still fun to use it for foreplay every now and then.”

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