The Boobies Race Is Always To The Swift

The Tits Race Is Always To The Swift

In the International Wobblers Race, the missile packing honeys of the YOU.S.A., the YOU.K. and the Czechia appear to be to lead the pack judging by the latest calculations. Just when the YOU.S. gains a fraction of a lead, anybody from the U.K. or the C.R. exposes up and the cycle starts once more. And what a new arrival may lack in missile diameter and volume, this babe may accelerate her velocity by igniting her full-sex drives. Such is the news now at SCORELAND with Krystal Swift, a Czech bomber gal with country cutie looks and a corn-fed body. “The Mambos Race Is Always To The Swift” launches with Krystal being serviced by an anatomy technician checking for concealed weapons below her taut costume. Made-up and dressed more adore a town glamour girl than a farmer’s daughter, Krystal is very helpful in letting the tech check her twin turbos with probing hands and inflexible engulfing. Pulling the one and the other knockers out of her suit, Krystal kneels to jack and suck and kiss his bolt and nuts. No special measuring meters are needed to find that Krystal’s sucking act is much faster than many of her American rivals, visually judging by the speed of her head moving back and forth with his pocket rocket hardening in her mouth. Some other observation is that Krystal excels at tongueing the head of his meat ruler as it measures the depth of her breast valley chasm (performing even more excellent than the Americans or the Brits). Stay back when it is time for Krystal and her tech to start docking procedures cuz the takeoff is explosive and the landing will become a filthy one! Score another successful flight for the Big-Boob Czechs. It ain’t rocket science but Krystal can blast-off at SCORE anew anytime.

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