The Magnificent Encounter

The Magnificent Meeting

This is really The Magnificent Collision of two breast goddesses. The merger, the unification, if u will, of 2 of the high reaching big-bust glamour models in history and caught on movie for pleasurable entertainment that will stick in the mind for a ages to come. We commence with Micky Bells, decked out in a low-cut, red, button-down sweater that doesn’t totally cover her ass-cheeks and a constricted, pointy bra that flaunts tons of mouthwatering cleavage. Garters and stockings decorate Micky’s gams. See-through knickers cover the pussy-candy under. Micky speaks to the digi camera. “I have a surprise for you men. I have a friend with me that has hooters as larger than run of the mill as mine.” Enter Natalie Fiore. Mademoiselle Fiore struts her pleasant stuff in a mini-skirt and a constricted, blue, tit-spilling sweater wrapped around a vintage, pointy undergarment. Astounding! At this point, the mature compass should be pointing north! Seeing these 2 together, thanks to XLGirls, is world news in our book. At first, it bears a resemblance to Natalie is plan to be the seducer and Micky the seducee. The magnificent morsels get to 1st not fast and lovingly admire, with joy and giggling, the gifts that nature has blessed ’em with. They carefully disrobe and worship each other’s lush, sweet-smelling bodies, mouthing and kissing their bra buddies and areolas, and burying their faces in their deep boobage, getting more and more lascivious with every passing second. Hands and lips explore each inch of their succulent, titanic tits–tits that demand adoration.

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