There’s Sex in the Champagne Room

There IS Sex in the Champagne Room

Ah, the undress club. Who doesn’t love the exotic dancing club? Loud music, stripped bimbos, and worthwhile times abounding…it’s like an adult amusement park. And this adult amusement park comes entire with adult beverages, food and all sorts of attractions. Apparently, there’re likewise enjoyment rides at this exotic dancing club, ‘cuz for sufficient Benjamins, you can take a spin in Carmen Hayes‘ twat. Yep, those lying bastards who told u there was no sex in the champagne room apparently at not time rolled with enough specie to purchase prime gazoo like this. When u go to the lap dancing club Carmen dances at, that babe gives u a great stage unveil and then this babe takes you back to the VIP room and gives you a great ho-blow. Carmen, in all her supple brilliance, takes down penis adore a champion. U know how they say that people who indeed adore their jobs always do a great job? Well, we think Carmen identified her true calling coz not a lot of hotty’s look this pleased shaking their booties for guys and getting banged, too. Carmen is all about two things: Greenbacks and lying on her back. Hey, we’re not detesting on her. Make that specie, baby!

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